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Kalyna Film

Here, we champion originality and authenticity, never shying away from bold or unconventional ideas. Our commitment to producing quality content has been unwavering, thus earning us the loyalty of diverse audiences across the globe. Our strategic approach extends beyond the creation of powerful content. As a forward-thinking entity, we understand the importance of staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry

The Team

The People of Kalyna Film

Halyna Khrapko


Halyna Khrapko. Besides being an expert of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, she is also a member of the Ukrainian Film Academy, the Ukrainian Television Academy, and the Public Council under the State Cinema of Ukraine. Halyna, the founder of Kalyna Film, has extensive experience producing captivating series and movies, with more than 100 hours of successful content under her belt.

Oleksandr Ts

Executive Producer

With a rich career spanning over a decade, Oleksandr has proven himself as an influential executive producer in the industry. His journey  has  been   marked    by the production of numerous commercially successful projects. His dedication to the relentless pursuit of excellence continues to be a driving force behind Kalyna Film's reputation as a respected film production in Ukraine.

Nick Olak - International Development.jpeg

International Development

Starting his career in Boston and Miami, then moving to Lugano, and finally settling in Kyiv, Nick's diverse experience has provided him a unique perspective on creativity. The projects he has worked on have gained international success, appearing on top-tier distribution platforms. With a hands-on approach and a knack for understanding global trends, Nick, now a part of the Kalyna Film team, continues to make his mark in Ukraine and beyond

Joseph DiRienzo - International Sales .jpg
Joseph DiRienzo

International Sales

Joseph’s diverse professional background has given him a distinctive edge in understanding and navigating the intricacies of the global film market. Born in the vibrant city of Miami and having worked both in the U.S. and Ukraine, Joseph brings a unique blend of international insight to his role. His knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in extending the reach of Kalyna Film, making it a trusted name not only in Ukraine but also worldwide.

Anastasii Mironova - PR & Marketing.jpg
Anastasiya Mironova

PR & Marketing

Anastasiya Mironova is our PR & Marketing specialist. She has been immersed in the film industry since 2009, participating in major international markets and festivals such as MIPTV and MIPCOM in Cannes. Her portfolio includes preparing teams for the American Film Market in Los Angeles, FILMART in Hong Kong and more.

Svitlana Lykhovyd

Creative Development

Svitlana's deep understanding of human emotions, coupled with her ability to create vivid, immersive worlds, infuses every script she crafts with a unique blend of authenticity and imagination. Her distinctive touch in storytelling has not only shaped the creative identity of Kalyna Film but also cemented our reputation as a source of profoundly impactful cinema

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