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As a dynamic player in the film industry, we produce captivating cinematic experiences that resonate globally. Founded in 2022 by film industry veterans, Kalyna Film is a testament to the potent combination of experience and business acumen. Our forward-thinking strategies, paired with our dedication to quality, have fostered success across diverse audiences. Therefore, by partnering with Kalyna Film, you're joining a trajectory of growth and success in the world of cinema

Kalyna Film

Our latest projects

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About Kalyna Film

Here, we champion originality and authenticity, never shying away from bold or unconventional ideas. Our commitment to producing quality content has been unwavering, thus earning us the loyalty of diverse audiences across the globe. Our strategic approach extends beyond the creation of powerful content. As a forward-thinking entity, We understand the importance of staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry

Past Successful Projects by CEO Halyna Khrapko
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