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Under the nuclear shadow / 1986


Love me If you Can

A daughter, bitter towards her stepmother for a divorce that drove her father to suicide, plots to steal her stepmother's Cypriot fiancé. But then she unexpectedly falls for her husband's adopted son. This whole story is preceded by a brutal murder of a family of archaeologists at the excavation site of the Temple of Aphrodite in Ukraine, from where the Cypriot brought a baby boy and raised it as his own son. As love blossoms amidst the ruins of the past, will the dark secrets buried there threaten to shatter their newfound happiness?




A seemingly close-knit family is thrown into chaos upon receiving an unexpected and bizarre last will from their long-lost grandfather, whom everyone believed had died many years ago. He had mysteriously disappeared in the US decades earlier. Yet now, shockingly, his will sets forth a chilling condition: the youngest member of the family must marry and, on their first wedding night, kill his bride to inherit the vast multi-million-dollar legacy. Amplifying the surreal twist, it emerges that the grandfather is, in fact, still alive. Confronted with this sinister demand, the family is left grappling with a dark enigma. What could have possibly driven the grandfather to impose such a grotesque stipulation?

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Plyusha: Service Dogs at War

This feature documentary follows the journey of Serhii, a visually impaired man, and his service dog, Plyusha, during the war in Ukraine. The film provides a unique perspective on the role of service dogs in conflict zones.

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